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Integrative Urgent Care is the Glendora community's premier choice for urgent care pediatric visits.

What is a Pediatric Visit?

The body of medicine that focuses specifically on the diagnosis of diseases and injuries then the treatments in children is called Pediatrics. The age of 18 and anyone under would be considered a child. Pediatric doctors, focusing primarily on children are called pediatricians.

When Should Parents Make a Visit with Children to Pediatrician?

Here are times when parents take their children to see a pediatrician:

 For regular wellness exams, children may go as determined by their primary care physician

 Anytime they are sick or injured beyond a minor sniffle or scrape, children should be evaluated by a qualified medical provider

 For a physical before participating in a sports league, children need to see a pediatrician for one

 Anytime a child’s health is in danger, they need to see a medical provider.

How Long is a Pediatric Appointment?

Pediatric appointments can vary in length because children see providers for all sorts of ailments. The vast majority of appointments, however, are relatively short, and almost all medical appointments are completed in a day at most. If a medical condition requires more intense care and ongoing observation, children are usually sent to a hospital where they can stay until they’re well.

In many cases, Integrative Urgent Care is able to provide expedited medical services for children. Unlike most doctors offices, children don’t need to make an appointment before coming into Integrative Urgent Care. Additionally, Integrative Urgent Care typically has shorter waiting times than emergency rooms.


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