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Pediatric Care Specialist

Integrative Urgent Care

Urgent Care located in Glendora, CA

Though Eric D. Brown, MD, and the team at Integrative Urgent Care in Glendora, California, value all the patients who entrust the team with their care, children hold a special place in each team member’s heart. Pediatric care is a privilege and a responsibility that team members take seriously. If you are looking for a health professional to look after your little one, call the office today to set up a visit, or book an appointment online.

Pediatric Care Q & A

What is pediatric care?

Pediatric care is an area of medical practice focused on addressing the needs of children from birth to early adulthood. This area of specialty requires focused training and experience, and it isn’t always available in urgent care practice environments. 

The team at Integrative Urgent Care offers outstanding pediatric care. From routine well-child exams to treatment for chronic health issues and urgent care, services are always provided with an understanding of physical and emotional childhood development. 

Kids are not little adults. They have a distinct set of health needs, and they aren’t always thrilled at coming in to see a practitioner. The entire team at Integrative Urgent Care works hard to make each and every visit a positive experience. 

Your child’s initial impressions of health care can shape the way they will approach health services for the rest of their lives. Positive interactions and relationships with a health care team are an essential foundation for a lifetime of good health. 

What happens during pediatric care visits?

Most visits will be routine well-child exams. These visits give your child’s practitioner a chance to assess their development and screen for areas of concern. 

Pediatric visits are also an opportunity for parents to ask questions and express any concerns they have. Wondering if your child needs a daily multivitamin? Concerned about sleep disruptions or bad habits? Pediatric visits are the setting to broach those subjects and many more. 

Well-child exams are also the setting in which your little one will receive the vaccinations needed to prevent a range of diseases. You’ll learn whether your child’s physical and emotional development is on par with his or her peers, and you’ll receive guidance on issues like nutrition, stress management, sleep needs, and more. 

If your child has a chronic health condition, your pediatric visits will focus on assessing their condition and adjusting the treatment plan as needed. As your child grows older, he or she will learn how to take control of their own health, empowering them to make positive choices both now and in the future. 

What if my child is sick or injured?

Sick visits and urgent care visits are a normal part of childhood, although they can be stressful for both parents and children. This is why it’s so important to develop a positive relationship with a trusted medical team before an issue arises. 

If your child is ill or has sustained an injury, the Integrative Urgent Care team works to swiftly assess their condition and determine the right course of action. Parents are given all the details needed to make an informed decision about their child’s care. 

Whether it’s a bout of the flu, a sprained ankle, or a minor burn, having a trusted medical advisor evaluate and treat your child can give you peace of mind. Parents should never hesitate to call the office or come in for a walk-in visit. Physicals and less urgent care can be booked online or over the phone.