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Why choose Integrative Urgent Care?

My name is Eric Brown, MD and I am the Medical Director of Integrative Urgent Care in Glendora, CA. I was raised in the San Gabriel Valley area (Altadena) and graduated from the UCLA Medical School. I received my training in Emergency Medicine at Martin Luther King Hospital (level 1 trauma center).

I have practiced Emergency Medicine in various hospital settings for the past 15 years.

In 2007 I wanted to explore options outside of traditional western medicine that I could offer patients and began a fellowship in Integrative Medicine with Dr. Andrew Weil at the University of Arizona. After completing this fellowship in 2009 I felt was able to offer patients more valuable information and it that made me a better clinician.

What I learned is each of these areas contribute to ones overall health:

 the importance of diet,

 the importance of exercise,

 the importance of mental, and spiritual health.

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In 2014 I began to explore how I could combine my passion for Emergency medicine training with my interest in Integrative Medicine. I soon realized that the Urgent Care setting was a natural fit that could combine these 2 areas of interest.

We pride ourselves in providing excellent and efficient service. We will also discuss when appropriate other options outside of traditional western medicine to help with your medical needs.

Whether it is discussing benefit of good nutrition, meditation, or starting a yoga practice. our staff will consider you as an entire person and not the just the specific complaint that has you seeking treatment. Our staff wants to make your experience at IUC unlike any other you have received in an acute medical setting like the Emergency Department or other Urgent Care facilities.

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Integrative Urgent Care Values

 Integrative Urgent care and Integrative Medicine?

Integrative medicine attempts to approach the health of an individual taking into account all areas of their life that could be contributing to their health. When you choose our facility for your Urgent Care Health needs, you choose the best of western traditional medicine with an integrative approach that focuses on the entire scope of health; diet, exercise, mental and spiritual health.

 What's the difference between Integrative and Traditional Medicine?

Traditional western medicine focuses more attention on whatever disease process (hypertension, diabetes, Cancer) an individual may have and attempt to cure the disease with medication or intervention (like surgery). There are definite advantages to this form of medicine and Integrative Medicine does not attempt to supplant or replace the great advances made it traditional medicine.

 What's the goal in Integrative Medicine?

The goal in Integrative Medicine is to continue to use proven medical treatments and combine them with other modalities that can also improve health. The most
obvious examples are the importance of diet and exercise and the benefit lifestyle changes can have on overall health.

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Everyone on the team at Integrative Urgent Care is highly trained in their field. Dr. Brown’s staff has years of experience and are well-respected by other medical providers in the Los Angeles Area. More importantly, everyone provides great medical care.

Daisy Zamora
Administrative Assistant

Daisy register’s patients and helps with day-to-day operations at Integrative Urgent Care’s facility.

Betty Reyes LVN
Licensed Vocational Nurse

Betty is IUC’s 1st employee. She does everything from registering patients to administering care. Betty provides compassionate care to each and every patient.

Jeanine Goff RN, FNP-C.
Registered Nurse Practitioner

Jeanine has worked in local Emergency Room settings for several years. Jeanine is originally from the Glendora community and her patient’s know and respect her.


Eladio Tizón BSN, MSN, FNP-C.
Nurse Practitioner

Eladio completed his Nurse Practitioner training in 2011. He has worked in Emergency Room and Urgent Care settings. He completed physician training in the Philippines and residency in ear, nose and throat surgery.

 Gale Laidlaw RN, MSN,FNP-C.
Registered Nurse Practitioner

Gale is newest provider at Integrative Urgent Care. Gale lives in Glendora and has worked as clinical instructor at Azusa Pacific.


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At Integrative Urgent Care, we understand your overall health is important to you, and it’s important to us, too. We give you the urgent care that you need, and our walk-in clinic focuses on full-service healthcare. 


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