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Labs and X-Rays


Integrative Urgent Care is the Glendora community's premier choice for urgent care labs and X-rays.

Integrative Urgent Care for Lab Work

Lab work such as blood tests, urine tests, and other types of lab work assists us in diagnosing illnesses and monitoring the effects of medications or other treatments. They are excellent tools that more often than not identify the cause of your symptoms or ensure the medications you take are working as it should. At Integrative Urgent Care, we perform several laboratory tests to help you manage your health:

 CBC Blood Test
The CBC blood test or what’s called the complete blood count screens for anemia, inflammation, infection, and other medical or blood-related conditions.

 Metabolic Panels
The basic metabolic panel and comprehensive metabolic panel determine how well the liver and kidneys function, identifies electrolyte imbalances, and can diagnose other types of disorders.

 Lipid Panel
The lipid panel determines your risk of developing stroke or heart disease. This test gives a breakdown of cholesterol ratios. It can determine your total cholesterol level and how much of that cholesterol is carried by low and high density lipoprotein.

 Clotting Tests
Blood contains many substances that create a clot from a cut or other skin puncturing injury. This type of test help determine if there is a risk for blood clotting or bleeding disorders.

When you need routine lab work to determine why you are having certain symptoms, our doctor at Integrative Urgent Care can order the best tests and interpret your results in-house. Contact us now to schedule an appointment for lab work or blood tests needed such as:

 Influenza Test

 Strep throat

 Infectious Mononucleosis


 Drug Screenings


Integrative Urgent Care for X-Rays

Our state-of-the-art X-ray machine uses electromagnetic radiation to take pictures of the bones and other internal structures. These X-ray images are now recorded digitally. Bones block the X-ray particles emitted, as a result they appear white in the film images. Muscle and fat are shown as having a grayish hue on X-ray images. Any structure area that contains air shows in a black hue.

Integrative Urgent Care offers X-ray services for adults and children in such areas:

 Chest X-Ray
If you have chest pain, or have trouble breathing, or a persistent lingering cough, this type of X-ray can help determine if you have a problem with respiratory structures or the lungs. Additionally, if you are scheduled for surgery, you may need a preoperative chest X-ray to ensure there is no heart or lung conditions that would make surgery unsafe.

 Abdominal X-Ray
Abdominal X-rays are used to image the organs of the digestive tract. Integrative Urgent Care may order this test if you have persistent nausea, abdominal pain, or possible urinary tract problems.  Abdominal X-rays are useful in diagnosing or monitoring the progression of various different medical conditions. They include:

  • Acute kidney failure
  • Kidney stones
  • Gallstones
  • Biliary atresia
  • Renal artery stenosis
  • Toxic megacolon
  • Necrotizing enterocolitis

 X-Rays for Broken Bones
If you have been injured in a fall, workplace accident, or an auto accident or sporting event, then an X-ray can help us determine if you broke any bones.

 X-Rays of the Pelvis
Because the pelvis contains several structures that can break down over time or fracture easily at times. The pelvis X-ray makes it possible to visualize any tumors, determines fractures, or image degenerative conditions within the pelvis or in the hip joint.

Our Integrative Urgent Care physician can order the appropriate test when you need an X-ray and interpret the results. Let the doctor know if you are pregnant before undergoing this type of test, because X-ray machines use radiation to produce images.

Because pregnancy does sometimes occur even in women on birth control or women experiencing a normal period, regardless providers may sometimes still need to do an X-ray. Our utmost concerns here at Integrative Urgent Care are the safety of the patient and unborn fetus, so we take the appropriate measures to achieve this goal. After reviewing your X-ray images, our Integrative Urgent Care doctor will recommend the best treatments or suggest additional tests for your injury to assist in a diagnosis.


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