Obesity continues to be a huge global problem…

even though we’re inundated diet and exercise programs with all kinds of theories, explanations. However, one of the most overlooked neglected reasons people overeat is “unconscious” eating, not even noticing they’re eating.

Perhaps a co-worker keep snacks in the desk and pops one or two in his mouth while working through his inbox, without thinking. Before 11:00 am half the pack is gone and it’s not even lunchtime.

Or, if when an office provides “free” lunch a couple times a week. She places three slices on her plate walking back to her desk, not because she’s that hungry but because it’s there, but not actually aware that she’s eating more when she didn’t need to. Twice more.

Blink and it’s over, missing the moment of choice to eat or to drink. Being aware. Awareness is about noticing thought, feeling and actions. Noticing is integral to Mindfulness. And, of course, noticing your actions is the first step to being able to carry out different ones.

When you choose how to respond, rather than reacting to circumstances it becomes easier to make better eating choices.

When eating mindfully – by paying attention – you become more satisfied, all your senses are engaged. When you eat without even noticing what you’re eating, can you really be satisfied?

Eating as a process that takes around 20 minutes by the time your brain becomes aware that your stomach has said it’s full. If you’re eating mindfully, noticing and savoring your food, you’ll eat slowly. And if you eat slowly, you’ll eat a lot less by the time your brain registers that you’re full and you’ve indeed had enough.

People actually do eat significantly less when taught how to eat mindfully. Enjoy eating your food while appreciating it more and you’ll eat less. What a deal, right?

Obesity is a serious problem with many complex issues, but it still comes down to the simple choice of whether to eat that or not eat this. If we notice a bit more, if we increase our awareness just a little every day, we open ourselves to better opportunities to make healthier choices.

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